Miami Home Centers Has Their Technology Mix, New Website, And Business Intelligence System Humming On All Cylinders In 2023!

After many years of looking to put a mix of integrated technologies and business development programming into place that would systematically communicate and accomplish ALL of the company’s goals, Dan Hitchcock, President of Miami Home Centers, believes the company is in the best place it has ever been in right now! Miami Home Centers is […]

Read More’s Top 6 Takeaways About Technology From The 2023 LPG And IMARK Annual Expo In Orlando, FL

After the longest break since the inaugural show many years ago, the Luxury Products Group (LPG) and IMARK Plumbing hosted over 1,300 Decorative Plumbing and Hardware showrooms and wholesale distribution experts for their 2023 Annual Expo at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL on Feb 1-6. Despite being part of both groups since 2020, […]

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The Top 7 Technologies You Must Be Maximizing If You Want To Scale Growth & Operate In A World-Class Way In 2023

First, Happy New Year!!! Our team hopes that 2023 will be the best year of your life. Living your, “Best Life,” and taking things to Higher Profits and Beyond in Business are wonderful benchmarks to reach for, but the most important thing we must do these days is to tackle the task of identifying, then […]

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Two Easy-To-Implement Ways To Maximize Any Remaining Co-op Dollars For 2022…

Now that the End of the Year is here, perhaps your company is pondering the #1 Question that every showroom and supply house wants a solution for as the days left in 2022 continues to count down: “How should we best maximize this year’s Co-Op Dollars before we forfeit it?” Well, for the past 9 […]

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Christine Miskinis Partners with To Take The Marketing, Messaging And Branding Efforts Of Showrooms, Fabricators And Installers And E-Tailers To Heights The Design Build Industry Has Ever Seen!

Since she was five years old, Christine Miskinis has been equipped with many of the skills required and a deep-seeded fascination, for being center stage, in all that she’s embarked on. Her career began with regular appearances on the popular PBS show, “Reading Rainbow,” withLevar Burton. From there, Christine rocked it out in middle and […]

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Adream Décor & Finalize The Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Industry’s First-Ever Partnership Of Its Kind!

If you go back a few years in time, people were wondering what on earth Amazon was thinking when they started letting the world know they had an interest in acquiring the Whole Foods grocery store chain. Well, just a few years later, you’d be a complete laggard to continue thinking this way because Amazon […]

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The Numbers Are In About How 10 LPG Clients Of Ours Are TOTALLY Dominating The 1st Page Of Google For The Top 100 Search Terms In Their Marketplace!

While preparing for how to best present the info for this blog, I was in the security line at the airport chatting with a business development consultant who works in all sorts of industries who was telling me a handful of ways the pandemic has impacted his portfolio of clients. Despite his clientele being the […]

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If Becoming The “Big Fish” In Your Market’s ‘Online Ocean’ Is A Goal, You’ve Got To Understand Just How Powerful Our Marketing Message And Branding Is Here…

When you work for a company, like Showroom Marketing, who helps their customers turn online Insights into Income in world class ways, you learn the top priority for our clients is to cast a net far and wide and become THE BIG FISH in their service area’s Online Ocean. These are all phrases that are […]

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How the Great Reset has impacted Women Owned and Women Led Businesses and Where to Put Your Focus Moving Forward

For quite some time now women owned and women led businesses have been on the rise. In 2019, there were approximately 13 million women owned businesses (or 42% of firms in the US) in the United States, however with the 2020 Pandemic many women faced some of the greatest challenges due to having to blend […]

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It’s Not Every Day That A Business Growth Firm And National Award-Winning Digital Marketing Enthusiast Tours A Manufacturing Facility In The Plumbing Industry!

Through the power of offline events, John Gosselin, CEO of and Co-founder of had a casual conversation with Kelly DeSola, Direct of Business Development at Watermark Designs during dinner at the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association (DPHA) annual conference in Chandler, AZ during the fall of 2017 that led to a meet and greet […]

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Why A Mermaid Sits In The Center Of Our Gameboard & Why Should You Care?!

When you work for a company, like Showroom Marketing, who helps their customers turn online Insights into Income, you learn the top priority for our clients is to cast a net far and wide and become THE BIG FISH in their service area’s Online Ocean. These are all phrases that are used to explain how […]

Read More’s Top 5 Takeaways From The 2021 Annual DPHA Product Showcase

There was a lot of skepticism surrounding whether or not the 2021 Annual Product Showcase for the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association (DPHA) should happen or not. However, now that the in-person and @Home version of the event has come and gone, boy was it memorable and packed with value!   Here is a list of […]

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Our Top Takeaways From the 2021 Glazing Executives Forum At The Glass Build America Conference In Atlanta, GA

On September 13th, 2021, in conjunction with GlassBuild America, the Glazing Executives Forum held its 15th annual event in Atlanta, Georgia. Sponsored by the National Glass Association, roughly 165 representatives met to discuss a wide range of topics and issues within the industry, such as labor shortage and risk management to market uncertainty and supply […]

Read More And PRIDE Centric Resources Have Officially Teamed Up To Tackle Many Of The Internet-Based Business Development Obstacles Facing Food Service And Restaurant Equipment Dealers Across North America! and PRIDE Centric Resources officially take the first step to help member dealers of PRIDE and their partner entity, The Kitchen Spot, to navigate the internet channels, making world-class results the “new normal” for their nearly 100 shareholders and members. After speaking with Jeff McDowell, Executive Director of the Luxury Products Group (LPG), Cathy […]

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…And The Winner Of The 1 Free Month Business Development Support That Is Funded By At PRIDE Is?!

Watch This Video To Discover Which Lucky PRIDE Dealer Just Won A Free $1,000 Of Google Ad Spend And A Full Google Ad And Google Analytics Set-Up (Valued At $3,000) From Us! After having an awesome getting acquainted webinar with a dozen PRIDE dealers who were in attendance this past Tuesday, Christine and I figured […]

Read More Levels Up At The 2021 DPHA Product Showcase

As trade shows, live events, and face-to-face meetings slowly become the norm again, is excited to head to Austin, Texas to display their record-breaking results over the last 8 years at the 2021 Annual DPHA Product Showcase on September 22nd – 25th, 2021. In addition to the ever-expanding number of decorative plumbing showrooms that […]

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How Leadership Can Flip a Business… For Better Or Worse!

‘What makes a good leader’ sounds like a relatively straightforward question, right? That all depends on how you define the word leader. The person in charge or with the highest income within the company isn’t always the leader. In fact, they very rarely are… A good leader could be found in a number of people. […]

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Chariot Plumbing Supply Is On The Fast Track For Being A Gold Standard Showroom™ In 2021 & Beyond!

Chariot Plumbing Supply and Design was established in 2004 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Today, they are one of the largest plumbing supply distributors in Utah. Their secret? An extreme dedication to providing customers with a completely unique and 100% individually-tailored experience. Like many supply houses and decorative showrooms, Chariot is proud of their vast […]

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A Beginners Guide To Understanding How B2B eCommerce Is A Game-Changer For The Kitchen And Bath Industry…

Today many companies in the design/build, showroom and construction industry at-large are moving towards B2B eCommerce platforms to improve their businesses. These platforms allow different departments within a business the ability to work in unison and mostly without attendance. This helps to eliminate a lot of the tedious employee legwork and cut back on a […]

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This Video Reveals The Best Showroom Marketing And Business Growth Program For Luxury Product Group Members In 2021, And Beyond!

Well, that’s what HUNDREDS involved with the DPH industry – which includes many-a-dozen from LPG Nation – are saying anyway. Now… Aside for all of the “buzz” about how our business has helped dozens of businesses and owners (who you know quite well from buying groups, association meetings, and from mingling in the industry for […]

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The Fastest Path to Blanketing the First Page of Google and Getting More Inquiries And Sales Through the Internet Means Mastering the “4 Dimensions of Online Search” For A Kitchen, Bath, Lighting Or Design Showroom In 2021

If you were to reverse engineer and track how an ‘ideal’ client first found your showroom online, you might be shocked to discover that approximately 100 search terms will stand out from the crowd of hundreds of thousands of search result combinations in your area in hopes of finding a business like yours.  That’s right—out […]

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A Year in Review: Our Thoughts On 2020

We know what you’re probably thinking when reading this title… We all know what happened in 2020, we don’t need to read more about it. However, aside from the pandemic, social injustice issues, the U.S. political election from hell, earthquakes and wildfires, there were some events that occurred that weren’t as earth-shattering (literally), but that […]

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A Recap Of The Boutique Design New York (BDNY) 2017 At The Jacob Javits Center

We Were Asked Several Times While Speaking At The Manhattan Chapter For The NKBA If We Would Be Attending BDNY. Admittedly, at first, I didn’t know all that much about the Boutique Design New York Show (BDNY). However, although the show was mostly interior designers of both the residential and commercial scopes, as well as […]

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How To Hire A Digital Marketing Expert (Or Agency) Who Has Your Return On Investment As Their #1 Priority!

Because we’ve reached out to tens of thousands of companies over the last five years who bring something similar to market as what your company does regarding your product(s) or service(s) scope, we are quite confident that we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to knowing the hiccups involved with the hiring process.    So, […]

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3 Reasons Why Speaking At The Manhattan Chapter For The National Kitchen & Bath Association In October Of 2017 Was A Life-Changing Experience!

It is true, Manhattan is the ‘Mecca’ for high-end, boutique design, elegant construction, and architecture that will have your jaw hitting the floor in an instant.  However, when it comes to putting in place a best-practice pipeline for building their businesses – especially using the internet, the experts who serve the Manhattan market are just […]

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Is Your Sales Team Building Pipelines or ‘Hauling’ Buckets?

If you are a business owner and have a team of sales associates working to bring more of your products and services to end consumers, you must be cognizant of the end-to-end processes that are currently in place at your company. If you aspire to be a best-practice enterprise while growing your market-share and sales […]

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5 Reasons Austin Pike Of Was Honored As A 30 Under 30 Top Talent In The Kitchen And Bath Association (NKBA) For How He Turns Online Insights Into Income!

Austin studied architecture in Miami and has since applied iterative “design thinking” to solving complex business problems. He has helped 75+ clients to date multiply sales and increase profits with breakthrough growth strategies backed by multi-channel marketing initiatives. He has served a myriad of industries, but most enjoys working with design and construction businesses and […]

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