These 10 LPG Clients Are TOTALLY Dominating The 1st Page Of Google For The Top 100 Search Terms With The Highest Intent To Purchase!

These 10 LPG Clients Are TOTALLY Dominating The 1st Page Of Google For The Top 100 Search Terms With The Highest Intent To Purchase!

While preparing for how to best present the info for this blog, I was in the security line at the airport chatting with a business development consultant who works in all sorts of industries who was telling me a handful of ways the pandemic has impacted his portfolio of clients.

Despite his clientele being the likes of Macy’s, Kellogg’s, and all sorts of entities in the pharma industry, he made a comment that prompted me to reference our chat when he stated that Macy’s was generating 5% of their top-line revenue before the pandemic hit through the online channel. Currently, just 18ish months later, Macy’s is experiencing wonderful growth all around, but 30% of Macy’s total revenue is coming from the online channel.  I repeat, 30 percent!

Now, I realize that decorative plumbing, hardware and lighting showrooms as well as the supply houses who serve the wholesale side of our industry, are a tad different than Macy’s in terms of what they bring to market, etc., but what isn’t all that different is how the online channel has become more impactful since the pandemic and how viable it has become to maximize online your online business efforts. FYI, when I refer to the “online channel” here, I’m not specifically talking about the eCommerce aspect of the web… because most our our clients are receiving LOTS of phone calls, contact form fill-outs, wishlist submissions and direction clicks from their Google My Business pages, that lead to revenue being generated from the web. 

To date, I have shared all sorts of valuable info about “why” you should consider “upping your game” online and how to go about it through
all sorts of blogs on our website.  However, what has admittedly been a bit vague is “what you should expect” IF you were to decide to put your marketing outreach on ‘surround sound’ and go about fully maximizing the #1 growth engine available to your business today, which is the internet.

To showcase how impactful a well-designed business development program for the internet channel can be, for bettering your company’s bottom line – especially when using Google Ads, we selected ten of our clients who are also going to be in Carlsbad for this year’s LPG expo.

Because this information is proprietary in nature, the clients we have selected and their specific campaign details and/or results will remain anonymous here. However, we thought that pooling their search results, as well as the number of inquiries that have been received from each of the 4 Dimensions Of Winning With The Search Engines will shine an incredibly valuable spotlight on how much you are missing out on through the web channel.

The Total Amount Of Clicks, Corresponding Inquiries And How We Log These
Leads That Have Been Received From The Google Ad Platform Is Below!

Before sharing the graphic version of the results of this analysis, we cannot stress enough that you REALLY understand the fancies of what these ten businesses have in motion here.

  1. They all wanted to control more market share and be more findable on the illustrious first page of Google when a searcher was looking for a solution to their unmet need(s) that their business could offer.  They also wanted to have complete control of this initiative.

  2. They weren’t interested in investing in “impression-based” advertising. In other words, if somebody wasn’t specifically interested in finding the best solution that matched the exact phrase or term they were typing into Google, they wanted no part of any of it.

    Moreover, not one click that we’ll be reporting on below came for a search for our client’s company name.  So, every one of these clicks originated from a searcher who DID NOT KNOW OUR CLIENT before they typed what they were looking for into Google.

  3. After first setting up a time to chat and then having our team perform some baseline analysis about the web searchers with the highest intent-to-buy in their service area, they found the Methodto be the best match for their interests because everything we do is measurable, scalable and provides the most amount of predictability, compared to any other marketing initiative.

Also, per popular demand from our industry, everything the Showroom Marketing Team offers for programming is ROI driven and all of the results reporting deliverables our clients receive are broken right down to the dollar – which leaves zero room for error or for us to evade the tough questions that may be asked each month. 

This makes the total number of clicks over an 11 week span amongst these ten clients, for the four dimensions of how ideal clients in their marketplace who are searching for what they bring to market equal 10,410.  From those 10,410 clicks, 1,500 of these web searchers inquired by phone, contact form fill-out, wishlist submission or clicking directions to find and ultimately walk-in to a showroom.  

This also means that 1-in-7 clicks on an Ad from any of the ten clients inquired to learn more.

If you would like to see what the results reporting deliverables that houses each of these client’s data looks and functions like, please set up a time to speak, fill-out a form on our website to request a Website Review Video or call John at (781) 780-2110.


Just Ask If All Website Visitors Are Created Equally:
They’ve Invested Over 2 Million Per Month On Google Ads For Years!


In conclusion, years of evidence has proven that most of the web browsers that come from impression-based advertising do not have anywhere near the intent to purchase when compared to visitors from a Pay-Per-Click campaign. Impression-based visitors can come from organic searches, social media, blogs, e-newsletters, PR sites, and content creation at large.

At the end of the day, wishing, hoping, and praying that the perfect person “stumbles” across your site or online infrastructure and has a ‘coming to Earth moment’ while browsing your message or website, is no longer a best practice or something that will provide world-class results. Truth is, if your business development initiatives cannot be measured right down to the search volume numbers or cost-per-lead, we don’t suggest that you do it in abundance.

So, it is up to you and your team to make a declaration that being as responsible, data-driven and disciplined as possible, about winning more business and gaining more market share, is a top priority for 2022.  Heck, if Macy’s and other larger brands that have very little personalization and high-touch nature to them can increase sales through the internet channel at the clip they have done over the past 18ish month, we have shown you with this data that it is VERY MUCH SO possible for you to make your slice of the revenue pie, in your market, bigger as well. 

As always, we’re here to help and promise to answer any questions you may have about this more urgent topic, or more anytime. To higher profits and beyond we hope your business is heading as 2021 comes to a close and as the new fiscal year begins soon!  

We’re excited to see you in Carlsbad in a few weeks for the 2022 LPG Expo.  

If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, is hosting a panel discussion and presentation on Wednesday night, January 26th from 5-6 – which is the opening night of the LPG Expo. There will be A TON of money making and market share increasing material presented at our session, so be sure to sign up by connecting with the LPG staff today! 


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