Frequently Asked & Should Ask Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Our Company Best Compete With
With The Big Box Retailers, Online Superstores,
And Private Equity Owned Businesses?

Our Team Randomly Checks Google To See
When & How Our Company Is Showing Up On
The 1st Page... Is This A Good Thing To Do?

I've Been Told Time On Site & Bounce Rate Are The Most Important Internet Metrics - Is This Accurate Information?

How Can Our Company Calculate A
Return On Investment From The Internet?

Why Is Your Firm Better Or Different Than
A Local Company From Our Area?

Our Advertising Funds Are Limited,
So Where Is The Best Place To Yield
The Highest Return On Investment?

You Team Educates A Lot About Paid Ads,
But Does Your Firm Also Do Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) For Your Clients As Well?

I've Seen John From Your Team Over
The Years At Events And Online Representing
Other Companies, What Is That About?

How Come Your Company Gives So Much
Info Away For Free Before Companies Commit
To Partnering With

Should Ask Questions

We Are Already Working With A Marketing/Web
Development Company, But Are Under Contract...
What Do You Suggest We Do To Work With You?

What Is The Difference Between Marketing
For Impressions Online VS Marketing For Visitors
Who Have The Highest Intent To Buy?

What Is Best Strategy: Social Media; Organic SEO;
Yelp Or Houzz Ads; Google Ads; Content Marketing
YouTube; Offline Networking; Direct Mail/Print?

Our Team Understands B2C Marketing,
But What Strategies Can You Recommend To
Help Us Get More B2B Accounts To Work With?

How Will We Calculate A Return On Investment
From The Work We'll Be Doing With Your Company?

We Are Following All That You Are Saying,
But How Do You Charge For Your Services?

If We Currently Have An In-House Marketing Team,
Why Do We Need

Is Having eCommerce Enabled On Our Website
A Must Have Service In Today's Economy?

Would It Be Possible To Speak With A Few
Clients That Are Having Success With Your Firm?

Do You Offer A "Try Us Before You Buy Us" Special
For Any Of Your Business Development Services?

Awards We've Earned

Organizations We Support

These Are The Ingredients In Your
Recipe To "Win" More Business And
Control More Market Share Online!

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