Adream Décor & Finalize The Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Industry’s First-Ever Partnership Of Its Kind!

Adream Décor & ShowroomMarketing.Com Finalize The Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Industry’s First-Ever Partnership Of Its Kind!

If you go back a few years in time, people were wondering what on earth Amazon was thinking when they started letting the world know they had an interest in acquiring the Whole Foods grocery store chain. Well, just a few years later, you’d be a complete laggard to continue thinking this way because Amazon and Whole Foods have paved the way for how a Brick and Mortar business can benefit from being in alignment with a click and order powerhouse that can apply a proven system to help them distribute more products and services and control more market share, in the areas they currently serve or desire to serve more clientele.

Long story short: there is not a kitchen, bath, lighting, hardware, countertop or cabinet showroom, or supply house in all of Texas, Oklahoma, Southern Louisiana, or Arkansas that can say they are perplexed by anything that is internet business development-related again after they take a look at what these two innovators for change have put together here.

That’s right, if you have questions, concerns, or are looking to put a proven pipeline of technologies that will predictably bring your business the highest probability buyers for the product categories and brands you want to sell most, will show you exactly how to go about it in a way that has worked for dozens of top-producing showrooms all over the United States. Currently, they generate tens of millions of dollars per month, “through” the Internet (meaning without eCommerce enabled on their website) for clients of all shapes, sizes, and structures.

When asked about this first of its kind partnership (i.e., a rep firm creating an exclusive agreement to help their clients with internet business development), Dan Fingerhut, President of one of the most innovative rep agencies in the DPH industry, “Adream Décor,” said “John, Austin, Christine and the rest of the team are doing things that our industry really needs to start paying attention to and applying if they want to remain relevant and top of mind when an ideal buyer who doesn’t know of them yet is looking to make purchasing decisions or needs support with a building project.”

“In other words, it’s no longer acceptable to be inefficient or irresponsible with the way your company is using the tools of technology today,” John Gosselin, CEO of, stated in a recent interview.


Dan and John joked about how every single showroom they talk to complains about how, online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Best Buy, private equity players, and other organizations who are acquiring showrooms and supply houses at an alarming rate are taking their market share and basically forcing them to adapt – before they die.

Now, if you’re being honest with yourself, you’ll agree that aside from supply chain quirks these days, getting your $h@# together, so that you’re winning more inquiries and business through the Internet channel is the #1 issue in our industry.

So, if you’re, “heart-attack serious,” about pushing back against the bullies in your schoolyard that were mentioned above and reclaiming what is rightfully yours, John and Dan are excited to introduce you to an idea whose time has come…

To learn more about why Adream Décor is excited to help showrooms maximize their client’s experience and how the Method™ is the preeminent business development engine in our industry, please connect with John or Dan today!

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