If Becoming The “Big Fish” In Your Market’s ‘Online Ocean’ Is A Goal, You’ve Got To Understand Just How Powerful Our Marketing Message And Branding Is Here…

If Becoming The “Big Fish” In Your Market’s ‘Online Ocean’ Is A Goal, You’ve Got To Understand Just How Powerful Our Marketing Message And Branding Is Here…

When you work for a company, like Showroom Marketing, who helps their customers turn online Insights into Income in world class ways, you learn the top priority for our clients is to cast a net far and wide and become THE BIG FISH in their service area’s Online Ocean. These are all phrases that are used to explain how the ShowroomMarketing.com Methodutilizes knowledge, power and best-practices for today’s times to win more leads and business, while controlling more market share, gives their clients the upper hand in their business development endeavors.

For a non-tech woman, like myself, the analogy of an online ocean, aka the Internet, made sense, but it wasn’t until one day while looking over our, “Monopolize your Marketplace Gameboard,” which is a customized deliverable that Showroom Marketing creates for their clients, to help gamify and simplify the actual breakdown of all the necessary components (i.e., the spaces and places that matter most) that go into the best data-driven business strategy, that it finally hit me!  “We need a Mermaid!”  It was just 15 years ago that I played the role of Ariel in “The Little  Mermaid,” on stage, so this jumped out at me as a no-brainer, since I had already played the part.


Our Team And Clients Now Call Me,  “The Mermaid With The Mostest” 


Now, how else does a mermaid fit in with our work online?  I’ve never been one to have an interest in Mermaids, aside from my fascination with Daryl Hannah in the 1984 movie, “Splash!” There was also the time when I taught about the Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology when I was a NYC teacher, but this is not Hollywood or Mythology, it’s online business development and it needs to make sense in order to serve our clients.  So, to satisfy my own skepticism, I began digging deeper into the meaning of the Mermaid and here is what I found….

Mermaids are infamous for their incredible outer beauty, which humans believed surpassed all mortal beings.  The legends claim that the beauty of a mermaid is so great that it could mesmerize men and lure them into the sea…  hmmm this got my attention.  The beauty of this mythical creature, which humans find fascinating, yet they don’t quite understand…  Sounds to me like the online internet world of Google ads, SEO, blogs, Social Media, leveraging online reviews and creating content that converts browsers to buyers, which is fascinating but also hard to understand if you’re not part of that world. One of the greatest things about Showroom Marketing is that they deliver month over month in turning more of your insights into direct income. So, if you don’t want your business to be, “lost at sea,” take advantage of everything that this company has to offer! But why would you allow yourself to listen to a Mermaid here?

 A Mermaid’s gorgeous appearance was said to be able to lure entire ships onto the rocks.  

Wow! Entire ships? Ships that were already sailing in the ocean? A mermaid could powerfully influence or invoke others to pay attention enough to follow her onto rocks?!!?  But what IF she could use that same power for a positive outcome, in not just being captivating but also helping those seamen, captains and crew, capture and convert their own clients and build greater success in business? A mermaid could be used to bring business men and women into the online internet world and show them how to greatly succeed by becoming a Big Fish in the Online Ocean.  That is, IF they would listen and hear the call…

And here is where it gets really interesting for me as a Voice & Speaking Coach. Mermaids are known to possess haunting but gorgeous voices like the voices of sirens. A mermaid’s voice or song was known to hypnotize any man who heard it. The mermaid’s melody could bewitch men, gods and mortals alike, pull them from their work and lure them into the sea. People often ask that I “read” to them from literature or even my own teachings because they say my voice is soothing and that they can better understand the content when I do. I’ve also won singing contests on MTV, had leading roles in Musicals in my community and sang the National Anthem at Yankee Stadium. It was always a dream to be able to sing in front of huge audiences and make a difference sharing a message or telling a story through music. In this industry, I was recently asked to record a voice-over, for the intro and outro of a podcast called, “The Drip,” for the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association, hosted by Phil Hotarek!  If you want a sample of this Mermaid’s Siren, you can listen to the interview below:

 Here Is John Gosselin, Our CEO And Me, Being Interviewed By Phil Of The DPHA

All in all, if you are in the online ocean you certainly want a mermaid on your side, so she can lead you to where the riches are in the service area’s Online Ocean.  My suggestion is that you come be Part of Our World over at ShowroomMarketing.com – where every part of our team lives in their zone of Genius and can assist your company in being the Big Fish in the Online Ocean, at warp speed. 😉


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