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Since she was five years old, Christine Miskinis has been equipped with many of the skills required and a deep-seeded fascination, for being center stage, in all that she’s embarked on. Her career began with regular appearances on the popular PBS show, “Reading Rainbow,” with
Levar Burton. From there, Christine rocked it out in middle and high school in Staten Island where she was active in community service groups, cheerleading, chorus and local pageants – all while being a National Honor Society member.


In her early twenties, Christine was a regularly featured guest on MTV for shows such as, “Total Request Live with Carson Daly,” and “Say What Karaoke,” – where she once ‘won’ a date with the hottest pop star at the time, Usher. Usher selected Christine over 200 other dancers in a dance-off to be a finalist, where she eventually won her date with him. #HeWasStarStruck She has also been a guest on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America and even sung the National Anthem at Yankee Stadium. In her mid 20’s, Christine was diagnosed with pre-cancer in her throat and then chose to holistically heal herself before things escalated to cancer. It was those experiences and lessons learned from, “listening to her own Inner Voice,” that prepared her for a life of owning her inner authority, leaving her love of teaching in public school and begin operating a successful business that empowers women to rock their voices in our world! To no surprise, she teaches and guides them to live their best life and create the most satisfying career they can…. All while being dedicated to whatever their life entails and be unapologetic at every turn.


The Rock It Out, Woman Method™ Has Raised The Bar For All Of Humanity To Follow


Christine has interviewed hundreds of high-impact people, who are doing thoughtful things, differently in the world, throughout her career in her online summit events. She has also been featured on many programs, podcasts, and panel discussions – online and off. To date, one of her fondest experiences of being an entrepreneur was creating the, “Rock your VOICE, Woman,” live event in NYC with Marianne Williamson as her keynote speaker, which also allowed them to raise thousands for single mothers and start a movement of women entrepreneurs Rocking their Voices, their Stories and their Brilliance to transform the world! With the changing times of today’s world, Christine pivoted from live events, and in 2022, she has made a pact with herself to set her sights on accomplishing and exploring even more about how a career in media and digital marketing can be tweaked to provide her all she desires.


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As a mom of two wonderful children, entrepreneur, advocate for developing philanthropic programming in her community and consultant like no other for and, Christine brings a career-encapsulated by an impressive resume of media appearances, speaking engagements and teaching, speaking at and hosting her own live events, to the table in order to help showrooms of all types, fabrication and install business and e-tailers, play a bigger game with their messaging, marketing and branding! In just a few months, her work is paying off gorgeously!

Christine, John Gosselin, co-founder of and CEO of and Zack Gosselin, John’s 15 year old son and the Chief Charitable Donor at have recently launched the Earn More Do Less Podcast and digital experience. The hosts are excited to bring immense value and highlight the great work their acclaimed-guests are doing to make the world a more loving and exciting place to raise the next generation of leaders.

When asked about how she is able to fit so much into her rigorous schedule, Christine laughingly said, “If you want something done right, roll up your sleeves and learn the ropes so you can best show someone else how it’s done when it’s time to pass it on!” As time marches on, the team, with Christine’s help and support, will be transitioning into an experiential marketing company that includes live events and speaking engagements, multimedia releases of various types of content, blogs that will be aimed to help women “wake up their wow factor,” in life and business and transition the workplace to include more feminine attributes, and producing entertaining videos on TikTok that will stimulate the multisensory response that we all know videos offer.

For the past few months, Christine has also stepped-up her role in the Engagement Committee for the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association in a multitude of ways. In conclusion, keep an eye out for Christine’s influence in the design and build industry – because her contributions will be one-of-a-kind + her fire and flair will be gladly welcomed by on-the-move professionals of all ages, but especially women and the next generation of the stars of today!

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