ShowroomMarketing.Com And PRIDE Centric Resources Have Officially Teamed Up To Tackle Many Of The Internet-Based Business Development Obstacles Facing Food Service And Restaurant Equipment Dealers!

ShowroomMarketing.Com And PRIDE Centric Resources Have Officially Teamed Up To Tackle Many Of The Internet-Based Business Development Obstacles Facing Food Service And Restaurant Equipment Dealers! and PRIDE Centric Resources officially take the first step to help member dealers of PRIDE and their partner entity, The Kitchen Spot, to navigate the internet channels, making world-class results the “new normal” for their nearly 100 shareholders and members.

After speaking with Jeff McDowell, Executive Director of the Luxury Products Group (LPG), Cathy Ellickson thought it would be valuable to get acquainted with John Gosselin, CEO of to learn more about what John, and his Boston-based team of 20 employees, have provided to LPG members over the last several years.

After seeing some of the work and results that John and his team have done for showrooms, fabricators, and e-Tailers of all shapes, sizes, and structures around the United States, Cathy and the PRIDE Management Team wanted to explore how a partnership between and PRIDE would positively impact their member dealers. 

After an initial webinar with approximately a dozen Social Media Counsel members, the PRIDE team decided that having John and Christine Miskinis, Director of Marketing Strategy at, exhibit at the 2021 PRIDE Annual Conference, would be the best first step in their newly-formed partnership.

After Speaking With John, Austin, And Christine, I Realized They Have The Vision We’ve Been Looking To Have In Our Group For Some Time. However, It Was Their Understanding Of What Our Dealers Need And Their Thoughtful Nature That Sold Our Management Team On The Fact That They’re A Service Provider Like No Other For Our Buying Group And Industry!

– Cathy Ellickson

In an effort to best communicate their company’s value-add to PRIDE members, John, Christine, and team organized and developed several complementary business development materials that paint a crystal-clear picture of what it looks like to make a giant ‘splash’ and become the “big fish” in their marketplace’s online ocean. 

At the upcoming Annual PRIDE Conference in Denver, CO, the PRIDE members in attendance will receive their very own version of’s “Monopolize Your Marketplace” game board. 

This gameboard features all the spaces and places that matter most for any PRIDE dealer to win more inquiries, earn more business, and control more market share on the web, in their service area.  It doesn’t matter if their service area is a few zip codes, a whole state, a few states, or if the company services the entire United States, their company is “playing this game” whether they know it or not! 

As in any sound business concept, 20% of the spaces on this game board will yield 80% of the results.

So, be sure to implement wisely PRIDE dealers 🙂

A second business development deliverable that PRIDE members will receive at the conference is called a “Market Analysis Report.”

This report is the easiest way to showcase how many people are looking for what a PRIDE showroom does or what they bring to market.

Kathleen Wilkie, Vice President of the American Energy Restaurant Equipment, was kind enough to allow the Showroom Marketing team to put one of these together for her company.  After receiving her report, Kathleen was excited to see how much of an “exact science” winning with the internet truly is. 

She made mention of some of the “bigger fish” in the market and how much they’re spending on advertising each month, brought up a few intricacies about the specific products and services her company brings to market, and asked if there was a business-to-business element to what the Method™ does with clients?  The short answer is, of course there is!

In the image above, you will see there are 35,000 people going to Google and searching for terms that PRIDE dealers’ ideal clients search to find them online and/or what their company brings to market.

These 35,000 people are looking for any of our company’s four distinct ways (i.e., the 4 dimensions).

These four ways are:

  1. Search the term “food service equipment dealers near me” or “restaurant equipment provider near me”
  2. Search for the product categories listed on their website
  3. Search for the brands listed on their website
  4. Search for their competitors’ company names

As briefly discussed above, there is a fifth dimension that uses the email channel VS an internet search to connect with ideal clients.

There will be a third complimentary item provided to PRIDE dealers, but that is a secret a this point 🙂

Just know that we will all be “cooking up something good” at our Annual Conference next week in Denver!

To learn more about the work that the team has done for showrooms, all over the country, or to request a complimentary website review video or Market Analysis Report, connect with John by phone or contact John by email today.  If you would like to set-up a time to chat with John and Christine in Denver at conference during an open slot in your rotation schedule, here is the link to do that.

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