If You Want To Fully Understand Every Part Of An Industry, It’s Important To Be Hands-On With As Many Elements As Possible…

If You Want To Fully Understand Every Part Of An Industry, It’s Important To Be Hands-On With As Many Elements As Possible…


Through the power of offline events, John Gosselin, CEO of Earnmoredoless.com and Co-founder of Showroommarketing.com had a casual conversation with Kelly DeSola, Direct of Business Development at Watermark Designs during dinner at the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association (DPHA) annual conference in Chandler, AZ during the fall of 2017 that led to a meet and greet in Brooklyn, NY.

That’s right, after learning Watermark Designs was located in Brooklyn, I thought it was a great idea to tour their facility so that our company could better understand the various generational changes happening in the marketplace (I.e., design preferences, building trends, what’s fashionably hip, etc.), plus understand how these trends are impacting the distribution chain in 2018.

Here Is How Being Meticulous Makes Watermark Designs Different

Here Are John’s 3 Take-Away’s After Touring Watermark Designs

  1. EarnMoreDoLess.com and ShowroomMarketing.com understands the manufacturing process in a whole new way…. In short, NOT all products and product lines created equally – that’s for sure.

  2. Not every product is meant to please every audience…. So, beginning with the ‘ideal’ consumer profile in mind when YOU start manufacturing a product or a service (if you do physical distribution) is so critical to the success and profitability of your launch.

  3. Watermark Designs certainly didn’t get everything “right” the first time… and neither will you. However, it is your company’s ability to course-correct in a timely fashion that will generate more sales and higher margins, attract bigger audiences of ideal buyers, and build the most trust with affinity groups, organizations and individuals in the design, building, and construction industries.

Finally, we are hoping your takeaway with this blog is that our team will stop at nothing to master every nook-and-cranny that the product development and distribution pipeline presents in the decorative plumbing world, and that we love to have fun along the way 🙂

Cheers to doing things you never thought you’d be doing in life!  

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