This Video Reveals The Best Showroom Marketing And Business Growth Program For Luxury Product Group Members In 2021, And Beyond!

This Video Reveals The Best Showroom Marketing And Business Growth Program For Luxury Product Group Members In 2021, And Beyond!

Well, that’s what HUNDREDS involved with the DPH industry – which includes many-a-dozen from LPG Nation – are saying anyway.


Aside for all of the “buzz” about how our business has helped dozens of businesses and owners (who you know quite well from buying groups, association meetings, and from mingling in the industry for some time), it is true that these businesses have FINALLY acted responsibly when it comes to having their S*%$%T together regarding their ‘doings’ with the internet. They ARE operating like a Gold Standard Showroom™ in many facets of their business these days, feeling better than ever about it AND the results (backed by easy to understand data) are saying so too.

Take A Listen To The #1 Showroom Marketing
And Business Development Program For 2021 & Beyond!


John Gosselin and Austin Pike – co-founders of and mention in this video how they currently serve dozens of clients in being proactive about “putting their dukes up” and not just fighting back, but are “winning” more inquiries (i.e., phone calls, form fill-outs, wishlist submissions, calendar appointments, and walk-in traffic that is being tracked from clicking their Google Maps page), and controlling their market-share using the most data-driven, measurable, and systematic ways of our industry today!

If “winning” more inquiries and sales through the internet and controlling more market-share so that predictable revenue and repeatable and sustainable results happen on a daily basis, this is the EXACT recipe to accomplish all of this, and more for a business like yours.

We work with dozens of “Yous” everyday!

We “get” you! (or so we’re willing to claim anyway) #ProveUsRight, or wrong #ImagineThat

Click the “Get Video” or take action by phone, contact form or through connecting with me on social media or through the email you received from our team – if that is how you got here!

The ShowroomMarketing.Com Method™ Works
Flawlessly With These Websites & Software Platforms

Our team of 20 industry business development experts has made a conscious choice to learn what will make your business-life better and the results happen easier.  You have everything to gain and zero to lose by FINALLY finding out what the benefits are from having best practices in-place, across the board, and what it feels like with ALL THINGS “business development” through the web, operating smoothly.

Let’s discuss what that needs to look and feel like for you soon.

To the future of you earning more and doing less.

My best to you always!

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John Gosselin
Partner | Data-Driven Web Sales Specialist | (781) 780-2110

P.S. – The picture above is for the 2021 LPG Member of the Year award winners, Monique’s Bath Showroom.  Since 2014, we have worked with Monique’s to blanket the 1st page of Google and control more market-share in ways NO OTHER showroom in all of New England is even coming close to doing.  Michael Battista, the owner of Monique’s, is a wonderful guy and would be happy to speak with you about how his bottom-line has gotten better as each year passes since aligning with our company 🙂

P.P.S. – Here is my online calendar if you’d like to connect for 10ish minutes:

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