The Fastest Path To Blanketing The 1st Page Of Google And Getting More Inquiries And Sales Through The Internet Means Mastering The “4 Dimensions Of Online Search” For A Kitchen And Bath Showroom In 2021

The Fastest Path To Blanketing The 1st Page Of Google And Getting More Inquiries And Sales Through The Internet Means Mastering The “4 Dimensions Of Online Search” For A Kitchen And Bath Showroom In 2021

If you were to reverse engineer and track how an ‘ideal’ client first found your showroom online, you might be shocked to discover that approximately 100 search terms will stand out from the crowd of hundreds of thousands of search result combinations in your area in hopes of finding a business like yours. 

That’s right—out of all of the mathematical options people could, would, and do type into search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and others to find the solutions you offer, 100 search terms are always “declaring” themselves the winners in your marketplace.

So, the question then becomes “how does your company cast a net of these 100 search terms that will ‘reel in’ inquiries and sales for your showroom in a consistent, systemic, and 100% measurable and scalable way?” 

It’s simple—you must do everything in your power to maximize the “4 Dimensions of Online Search” for a kitchen, bath, lighting, or design showroom in 2021, and then track all of those efforts and the results in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement system.

There are many ways to view the world of online search. But more than anything, your business must decide if you are going to put a heightened focus on “vanity metrics” (i.e., studying stats such as total website visitors, time on site, bounce rate, contact page visits, and more), OR if you are going to hold tracking every phone call, contact form, wishlist, and location click to find your showroom on your Google Map program in the highest regard?! They say if something cannot be measured, it cannot be improved! 

Additionally, neither the vanity metric route or meticulously measuring every inquiry style is better than the other. However, tracking every inquiry you receive through the web back to its ‘source’ will absolutely make you more money, grow your market share, and have you operating like a Gold Standard Showroom™ in a matter of 30 days, or less.

Dimension #1 – “Showroom Near Me” or “Bathroom Store” related search terms

Dimension #2 – Product Category terms like “Bathroom Vanities” or “Faucets” 

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Flawlessly With These Websites & Software Platforms

Dimension #3 – Brand-related searches like “Toto” or “Brizo” or specific SKUs

Dimension #4 – Searches for your company and/or your competition

Truthfully, It Doesn’t Matter If Your Company Is Focusing On Your Ability To Be Discovered Organically On The First Page By Back-Linking To As Many Other Relevant Sites Online As You Can, By Utilizing Paid Search (I.E., PPC/Google Ads) And Retargeting Advertising, Uploading Videos To YouTube, Blogging, Or Because Your Google My Business Page Is Getting Lots Of Interaction And Engagement, There Is A Proven Formula For Attracting More High-Probability Buyers To Reach Your Site And Inquire. 

You must be learning more about and testing to find out “what is working best” at this time… Because being ‘best-practice’ has never been more important than it is in this COVID economy.  In short, the COVID economy has changed the game and allowed an independently owned or family business to level the playing field like no other time in the past 20 years, and those who ‘adapt’ and course-correct their business development initiatives accordingly will “see the stars line up” and win big.

If you’d like to learn more about how your company is situated in your market to win more inquiries and grow sales through the web by maximizing the “4 Dimensions of Online Search” For A Kitchen, Bath, Lighting Or Design Showroom, I suggest you connect with our team and we’ll help you understand more about the granular details for your business in this respect.

Cheers to the future of your company winning with the 4 Dimensions of Online Search.

We hope you’re heading to higher profits, and beyond in all of your business development endeavors these days and for the foreseeable future!


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