Is Your Sales Team Building Pipelines or ‘Hauling’ Buckets?

Is Your Sales Team Building Pipelines Or ‘Hauling’ Buckets?

If you are a business owner and have a team of sales associates working to bring more of your products and services to end consumers, you must be cognizant of the end-to-end processes that are currently in place at your company. If you aspire to be a best-practice enterprise while growing your market-share and sales numbers, you must be documenting all of your operational procedures so that standardization and uniformity is being created – in a franchise-like manner.

So, to shine light on what best practices look like in motion, we’re going to share a few “good”,  “better”, and “best” practices that should be considered when building a pipeline that scales the growth of your business so you are no longer ‘hauling’ buckets.

A Few “Good” Practices:

  • Keep accurate phone records and call back every missed call (regardless of the area code the call came from… 35% of inquiries on average get missed among our clients – regardless of what their business brings to market, area they service, how tenured their employees are, etc.)
  • Use email scripts, training, and other intellectual property to take next steps with leads and clients (i.e., turn do-list items into a trademarked process, system, or method)
  • Set performance benchmarks and meet regularly to review process and course correct
By following these “good” practices, you can eliminate basic bottlenecks that often exist in companies who don’t know how to move with the times or get savvy by leveraging technology.


Click this link if you’d like to see a sample “No Lead Left Behind” Spreadsheet

A Few “Better” Approach:

  • Put a tiered-management structure in place and set finite “roles and goals” for all
  • Measure, monitor, adjust, and automate (as much as possible) the experience your leads and high-probability buyers are going through so that more inquirers purchase
  • Don’t be bashful about asking “experts” and coaches in your industry for help
    (Doing this can save you time, generate lots more revenue, boost morale big-time)

A “Best” Practice Approach:

  • Model what other successful businesses do, the mechanisms they use, and the principles that govern their achievements and accountability to those achievements.
  • Document everything and run reports from a Project Management software, Customer Relation Management system (CRM), and billing portal or bookkeeping application
  • Set quarterly / monthly / weekly goals and performance benchmarks (backed by data) that gets your team excited to perform and produce, builds a ‘winning’ company culture, and that keep you on-track for becoming the world class company you know you are!

If you would like the team at to “check the pulse” of your company so that you can discover the true health of your business’ ability to ramp up results, trim time and use your talents and offerings in the most unique ways possible for those you serve, you should schedule a 15-minute Business Breakthrough Call™.

During a Business Breakthrough Call™, we will uncover at least two gaps that currently exist in the way you are going about building and growing your business in this digital driven era, plus we’ll share proven ways to course-correct and become stronger than you’ve ever been before.

We look forward to sharing in the future of your success!

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