Chariot Plumbing Supply & Design Is On The Fast Track For Being A Gold Standard Showroom™ In 2021 & Beyond!

Chariot Plumbing Supply & Design Is On The Fast Track For Being A Gold Standard Showroom™ In 2021 & Beyond!

Chariot Plumbing Supply and Design was established in 2004 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Today, they are one of the largest plumbing supply distributors in Utah. Their secret? An extreme dedication to providing customers with a completely unique and 100% individually-tailored experience.

Like many supply houses and decorative showrooms, Chariot is proud of their vast and wide product selection and on-hand items. A top goal has and always will be to provide everything customers need for their kitchens and bathrooms and to ensure the best prices around.  

However, as the “online ocean” continues to take more market share and sales opportunities from brick and mortar showrooms all over the world, the team at Charity decided it was time to get serious and strategic about reclaiming what is rightfully theirs and chart a course for being the ‘big fish’ in the zip codes that they want to monetize business from online. 

Goal-Getting With Chariot Plumbing Supply And Design From Day #1

At ShowroomMarketing.Com, We Pride Ourselves On Our Versatility And Holistic Understanding Of How The Various Technologies Within The DPH Industry Communicate And Function Independently And With Each Other. We Incorporate These Strengths Into Almost Everything We Do For Our Clients. When Marketing Director, Patience Whipple, Of Chariot Plumbing Supply And Design, Reached Out To Us With An Interest In Evaluating All Of The Best Practice Software And Business Development Platforms Available, We Knew That, “Bravo Business Media’s My Plumbing Showroom Platform,” Equipped With SpexBuilder (I.E., A Quote Creator) Would Get The Job Done.

Prior to launching Chariot’s new website, we created a Market Analysis Report and website review video to showcase what their next steps should be in order to become a Gold Standard Showroom™ within the Salt Lake City market in Utah.

Approximately 45 days after launching their website, Patience came back to us and said that the team at Chariot “was ready to drive more visitors to their website and book more appointments from it.” So, after getting the greenlight, we sent the Chariot team our onboarding questionnaire.


We made sure that each of The 4 Dimensions Of “Winning” More Business From The Search Engines was accounted for in their Google Ad campaign and within the first month of promoting their new website to their preferred target markets, Chariot saw some of the best results our award-winning team has witnessed to-date, in such a collapsed time frame. Now that we’re a few months in, Chariot’s lead flow is over 2 inquiries per day and the cost to get a phone call, form fill-out or direction click, from their “Google My Business Page,” is less than a mid-priced entrée at a chain restaurant.  They are blanketing the first page of Google in all of the zip codes they want to monetize more business from, in all of the world-class ways.   

Without being prompted, Patience was ahead of the game in making campaign edits and performance reviews. Excited about the progress being made, she took it upon herself to tweak the Google Adwords campaign. That’s when she allowed our team of experts to step in and do our “thang.” 

Expanding Their Relationship With ShowroomMarketing.Com

As we continue to work and grow our relationship, we foresee more of the same, if not better results to come in the near future. We’ve also incorporated a B2B outreach plan to position Chariot to have more conversations within the design community. We also have plans to automate the process of requesting reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients, immediately after the final balance is paid, to help further develop and elevate their brand.

At the end of the day, it’s stories like this that make it all worth it. At, we love to hear positive reviews from our clients and are happy to share. It shows us that all the hard work pays off as desired results and happy customers.

Contact us to become a member of our Gold Standard Showroom™ club today!

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