Miami Home Centers Has Their Technology Mix, New Website, And Business Intelligence System Humming On All Cylinders In 2023!

Miami Home Centers Has Their Technology Mix, New Website, And Business Intelligence System Humming On All Cylinders In 2023!

After many years of looking to put a mix of integrated technologies and business development programming into place that would systematically communicate and accomplish ALL of the company’s goals, Dan Hitchcock, President of Miami Home Centers, believes the company is in the best place it has ever been in right now! Miami Home Centers is a family-owned chain of hardware stores, with a Luxurious Kitchen, Bath, and Lighting Showroom that has proudly served the Miami community since 1959.  


“We started working with about a year ago so that we’d be blanketing the 1st page of Google through Google ads, as well as to meticulously track the results and ROI from our online business development programming.

“It’s been one of the best investments our company has ever made!” Hitchcock says with a smile.  Dan first reached out to Showroom Marketing, after becoming frustrated by the results he was getting.


Your Business Is Either Getting Results & ROI Online Or You Are Going Backwards


Since partnering with John and Austin’s firm in February of 2022, the Kitchen and Bath showroom, located at the South Miami location, experienced a 30%+ increase in top-line revenue, which Hitchcock states, can 100% be attributed to the work being done with

From individual phone call notifications being sent to the sales associates and managers to contact form fill-outs and eCommerce orders being tracked, fulfilled, and delivered/picked up seamlessly, the way Miami Home Centers is leveraging their ‘technology stack’ and Business Intelligence (BI) tools has never been more efficient!

A few Miami Home Centers employees recently said the “fun factor” is better than ever.


The MHC Team Loves Receiving The Following Results Reporting And Business Intelligence Tools Each Month 


1) A CRM document (formally known as a “No Lead Left Behind” – Lead Scoring Sheet) that gets updated daily and shows every phone call, contact form or live chat fill-out, appointment made through a scheduling software, wishlist or quote that was made and stored in a cart, order that came through eCommerce (and whether or not it has been filled), and they even know how many searchers clicked for directions to a store via a Google My Business/Google Map page.

Miami Home Center’s No Lead Left Behind Sheet tells them where a searcher who ends up inquiring or ordering was first introduced to their business online.  In other words, did they reach their website from an organic search? Social media search? Go directly to their site? Were they on a dealer’s website first? Did they search on Google (or another search engine) before being intrigued by an ad to click through to the site and then purchase via eCommerce or from a phone call? 




2) A Results Reporting Dashboard that gets updated every 15 minutes and shares vital insights about the 20% of the metrics that matter most for generating results and ROI from their online infrastructure.  In one glance, Dan can tell the health and vitality of his company’s visibility and the value of this visibility through the brick-and-mortar experience and on the webstore.

This Business Intelligence tool is a mixture of data sets from Google Analytics, Google Ads, heat mapping, phone call, and contact form tracking, an online scheduling tool, from their ERP system, and their quote-creating software, Spex Builder, which is powered by Bravo Business Media.

In short, because of the introduction of their CRM sheet and Results Reporting Dashboard, turning online insights into income each month has never been more measurable, predictable, systematic, and fun for Miami Home Centers.



3) A 45-60 minute “Clarity Call” every month to review their Results Reporting Dashboard, and No Lead Left Behind Sheet, as well as to discuss the feedback loop they are seeing online and offline!

Amanda Grilli, the office manager for Miami Home Centers said, “John painted a vision of how his company was going to help us earn more by doing less in the first conversation I had with him over a year ago, and they’ve delivered in awesome ways at every stage of the roadmap.”


 Not All Website Visitors Are Created Equally – Especially For A Well Designed Site


The new and improved was launched on May 1, 2023, and the site is as world-class as it gets.  It consists of 3 sites in one.  The main site is built on the WordPress platform and has a “product feed” for the Hardware store division of the business, and is powered by EZ Ads – which is an offering through the True Value franchise.  The third aspect of the website contains a digitized product catalog that comes pre-loaded with hundreds of thousands of Kitchen, Bath, Lighting, and home décor products that are powered by Bravo Business Media.

In short, what the Miami Home Centers and teams are most excited about these days is that the Conversion Rate Optimization metrics for the site, which is the rate at which a website turns browsers into buyers and sales opportunities, have increased nicely in the past few weeks.  For example, if the website has 1,000 visitors and receives 100 inquiries, sales, or a combination of those two things, the website would have a 10% CRO.

To calculate the Conversion Rate Optimization rate at your company, go into your Google Analytics and look up how many total website visitors you had in the last 30 days.  From there,  divide the total number of visitors by the number of conversions that were tracked from the site.

*FYI, IF your webmaster or marketing firm IS NOT ABLE to tell you a definitive number for how many website visitors there were OR how many of them reached out to you, or bought, you have a serious problem. 

Your problem is that your business is being run by “vanity” metrics that don’t measure results or ROI.  In today’s economy, THIS MUST BE something that is calculated properly so that you can generate predictable revenue and goal-get in a systematic way!


Turning Web Data Into Dollars Is “The New Normal” For Miami Home Centers


Because knows their clients average 1 inquiry or sale for every 7 clicks from the Google Ad platform all over North America, coupled with how the results and ROI Miami Home Centers have seen over the last 12 months since starting with John and Austin’s team, the Miami Home Centers team has full confidence that their investment into a new website will pay them back in multiples because of how the desktop, tablet, and most importantly, the mobile experience on their website has already improved the UX (user experience) for their couple of thousand web visitors each month.  


If you’d like to see for yourself just how systematic and seamless Miami Home Centers is operating since putting the Method into practice, please book a time to speak with the team through our online scheduling link.

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