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We speak at KBIS, are on the DPHA's Marketing Committee, are a vetted service provider for LPG and PRIDE, run Co-op programming for dozens of brands, are a certified Google Partner, and have been awarded 30 Under 30 for the NKBA.

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Case Studies For Showroom Clients

Over the last 7 years, Monique’s has been awarded every national Showroom of the Year award you can win, increased revenue 26% year over year, and has a line-item ledger detailing exactly where thousands of inquiries came from, which inquiries lead to quotes, and how many inquires became customers.

"We've won 3 national Showroom of the Year awards, have increased revenue 26% Year-over-Year the past 7 years, and have added more sales associates because of our success online... this team truly is the best out there and their results and growing popularity in the DPH industry prove it!"

Michael Battista

Monique’s Bath Showroom

After two years of back and forth, the Prosource Supply team finally made the best investment for their business. With the new home page design to enhance the results of a primarily product-focused website (which is powered by SpecBooks™), and after our team course-corrected their Google Ads and added form and call tracking to their website, their five locations in the Carolinas are benefiting tremendously. Up and away, the ProSource Supply team is headed.

Jennifer Lopez

Director of Showroom Sales
ProSource Supply

H2O Supply has experienced world-class results from their internet marketing initiatives in ways they have never seen before working with our company. H2O averages one call per day from Google Ads, uses FB & email marketing advertising to grow their footprint in the design community, and leverages email marketing to acquire accounts from top builders in the Dallas Fort Worth area that they have never been able to reach in the past.

Jay is a numbers guy, and the three to five times ROI each month is exactly what he receives. H2O Supply is now seeing an average of 25 calls from their website each month, which is tracked directly to their advertising initiatives. With an average first-time sale of several thousand dollars, it is not hard to see why H2O Supply now sees desirable ROI every month.

Jay Katz

H2O Supply

With five locations spanning across several states, Simon’s Supply has consistently gained more market share and inquiries over the last three years. Even after working with the team at for only 30 days, Simon’s Supply sees at least one new caller per day from our marketing efforts, maintains an average cost per inquiry of $12, and sees Simon’s Supply also sees more predictability than ever from their online business development initiatives—and we’re just getting started.

Fred Felder

Simon Supply

With advertising and marketing campaigns that have gone stale, John first met the RSK Stone team when he was redoing his master bathroom and powder room. After a little back and forth and analyzing the backend of RSK Stone online, our team was able to generate the highest amount of quality inquiries and at the lowest cost that they've ever seen—and all within the first 90 days! #ImpressiveStuff

We also designed and built a highly-converting, location-based landing page system to blanket the first page of Google all over the Greater Boston, MA area.

Ronaldo Junior

RSK Stone

After initially meeting from a cold call, Rachel and the team at Flow became intrigued about increasing foot traffic, tracking phone calls, form fill-outs, and walk-in conversions right down to the dollar. They were also interested in understanding how many inquiries became quotes in their SpexBuilder™ account from Bravo Business Media and also how many of those quotes became closed transactions.

We put together one heck of a case study on this data. So, if you would like to know more about this study, just ask.

Rachel Lucks-Hecht

Flow Design Studio

Francis, co-owner of Cormier Builders, saw John working on a Powerpoint presentation in Panera Bread and said, “Hey buddy, do you make websites that look as good as that Powerpoint presentation?” From there, the rest is history!

"Since launching our new website back in May of 2013, Cormier Builders has acquired MORE buyers, MORE referrals, and more specs through their enhanced viewing experience they provide enhanced web experiences to clients - and has sold MORE homes do to the way we use our website to walk prospects through our custom home building process."

Francis Cormier

President / Co-Owner
Cormier Builders

Several years ago, Dave Austin, president of Lift and Care Systems received an email with a link to a custom website review video and one of our Monopolize Your Marketplace game boards. From that moment, Dave and his team began working with the team, and have tracked thousands of phone calls, form fill-outs, and appointment requests, and generate an approximate average of 25 new qualified leads every month. They have also streamlined the process for turning browsers into buyer opportunities. Needless to say, Dave made a great choice by partnering with our team to transform his business.

Dave Austin

Lift and Care Systems

As a second-generation business, Carpet Workroom wanted to “fast track” their success on the internet by buying their way to the first page of Google. Smart strategy, and the results have been proven to be beneficial from a sales standpoint. However, when compared to most clients, this company learned a lot more about the buying preferences of their target audiences through Google Ads. In fact, we've applied this data to other advertising channels (i.e., Facebook ads, Instagram ads, email marketing, and so on). Out of these advertising channels, we are currently examining what works best.

Matt Levetere

Carpet Workroom

After meeting at Equity Plumbing Group, currently IMark, John and Katie collaborated on several ways to help the Part Works win more business through the internet. We decided that enhancing the web design and eCommerce portal and implementing Google Ads (with the standard Method™ results reporting and tracking services) were going to be the best methods to grow sales in new markets.

The current focus of Katie's business is on creating more compelling content and helping her stand out as a female business owner with a solid history and doing good deeds in the mechanical plumbing parts industry—a task that is far from easy to accomplish.

Katie Parris

The Part Works

After many years of trying to figure out a proven formula on the internet for turning browsers into buyers in the most profitable way, AHDOK turned to the team at Showroom Marketing to revolutionize their process for “winning” more business online and gaining more market share in the most systematic ways possible for today’s economy.

The unique part about AHDOK is that they have a brick-and-mortar showroom, but also have an e-Commerce element to their business. We are working with them on both aspects of their business and will post some results soon!

Gene Goforth


After learning about our services through another partnership in the decorative plumbing industry, Deluxe Vanity now receives multiple inquiries per day after only working together for several months. We have implemented many profit-propelling systems and management tools, as we have familiarized ourselves with each other’s styles, needs, and expectations.

Our team provides lead generation services online, manages the sales and marketing pipeline, and creates and interprets the most robust results-reporting process in the entire showroom industry. Turning “online insights into income” has become a ton of fun with the wonderful team at Deluxe Vanity.

Roy Heskel

Deluxe Vanity

We first met this team after they stopped by our booth at KBIS in 2019. Just a few months later, Le'Gourmet Kitchen officially became a client. In fact, it wasn’t until after John flew cross-country from Boston to sit in their showroom in “old town” Orange, California, when our relationship began.

With referrals being their primary new business generator, Le’Gourmet Kitchen wanted to collect more online reviews, blanket the first page of Google to capture contact info and phone calls, and carve out a portion of their marketplace that they can consistently count on. Our work entails increasing reviews, using ads on the first page of Google, tracking their progress, and showcasing Jon and Bruce as the high-tech and high-touch superstars they already are.

Bruce Calluci

Le Gourmet Kitchen

Located just outside New York City in Dixville, NY, Andy and his team deliver marketing messages and experiences in really cool ways designed to “activate” or to provide a stand-out experience for a brand. This business is a lot of fun—if you allow it to be!

These days, Porter Decor consistently receives great leads through the web. Google ads work great for them, but their SEO and content creation strategy is what is really effective. This company also gets some solid sales and inquiries from Instagram.

Andrew Zaino

Protadecor, Inc.

Case Studies For Fabricator & Installer Clients

After a decade of figuring out the internet marketing channel, Karl and the team at New England Shutter Mills experienced four consecutive years of double-digit growth through the internet. Every inquiry is tracked back to what searchers typed into Google before calling New England Shutter Mills.

"Two weeks after tweaking my ZIP code targeting and message to cater to a more affluent clientele, we started getting work requests for projects that were worth five times as much. This increase in business—especially in the higher-end areas—can be directly attributed to the work that the team at has done for us."

Karl Ivester

New England Shutter Mills

After working with the same marketing firm for years and with very little to show for it, Nick, owner of Teakworks4U, took us up on our complimentary video analysis and hasn’t looked back.

Today, Teakworks has a world-class Google Ad campaign and a stunning website that tracks inquiries, sales, and support tickets. Teakworks is currently looking at our outbound marketing system to generate more business and demand in the design community and hospitality marketplace. Life is good now, but the best still lies ahead.

Nick Biesanz

Marketing Manager

With a website that would make Fred Flinstone proud, Brunner Enterprises asked us for our honest feedback about what results were possible from their hefty internet advertising budget. To be truthful, their video analysis was one of the ugliest we've ever seen. However, no task is too tall for our team to turn around. :)

In a few short months, Brunner has reduced their cost-per-lead (CPL) from $150+ to $38. They are also seeing more valuable sales coming in from their Google Ad campaign, more frequently. Now that Brunner sees that more 'ideal' buyers are reaching their site, a new website is on the way, which is expected to dramatically increase the number of inquiries and sales + allowing for the tracking to be world-class in every way!

Bill Pratt

Sales Manager
Brunner Enterprises, Inc.

Bill began a dialogue with us after receiving a custom website review video and hand-written direct mailer. Bill reached out to us with a dilemma that many clients face: uncertainty around whether or not their current marketing vendor is performing and what their company is actually paying for and receiving each month.

To date, the team has built a highly-converting website, helped Custom Metal Homes dominate the Chicagoland area for the fabrication and installation of custom goods, and generate weekly eCommerce sales that come in on automation, systematically form Custom Metal Home.

Bill Lambropolous

Custom Metal Home

David Daniels, owner of Super Customer Shutters came to with a unique problem. Despite having a robust Google Ad account, which included dozens of ad groups with unlimited tracking, this created all kinds of confusion because he worked with many marketing agencies before reaching out to us. Our team leveraged our Google Partner status to maximize his market share and identify the most profitable keywords in his campaign. We also tracked phone calls, used heat-mapping, and implemented an extensive CRM system, all of which have worked wonders for Super Customer Shutters’ business development process.

"Because of the consistency and predictability of the work performed by the this team over the last four years, I was able to sell his company for two times what it was worth."

David Daniels

Superior Custom Shutters

Since partnering with Ocean Glass back in 2016, the company has become the epitome for their abilities to measure, monitor, adjust, and control outcomes when advertising on the internet.

We've built an out-of-this-world website (with a really cool shower door configuration tool), dramatically decreased the cost-per-lead (CPL) in our Google Ad campaign, and created a sense of stability for the Ocean Glass team that they never had before! This account has seen its fair share of highs and lows over the years, but their CPL in June 2020 was the lowest we’ve ever seen. Trending in the proper direction is the most you can ask for with paid advertising.

Brian Lewis

Ocean Glass Company

After initially meeting Gaius and Blueberry, second-generation owners of the Shelter Institute at the Journal of Light Construction(JLC) show, we learned more about the challenges and concerns they had about advertising on the internet during a Getting Acquainted Call. Once we were on the same page, we rolled out a multi-step roadmap that included building a new web store, helping them design a DIY course for timber framers to bring to market, and tracking hundreds of phone calls, form fill-outs, and location clicks to their workshop and retail store based in Woolrich, ME. Over the years, this company has certainly leveraged our skill sets and competencies!

Gaius Hennin & Blueberry Beeton

Shelter Institute

After being referred to us by another client, Craig reached out with a burning desire to see more measurability, transparency, and profit-propelling results from our suite of online marketing services. In just the first 60 days, he learned where every caller came from through their website, where every visitor clicked on their website, and how to use an easy-to-understand database tool, which helps them stay on top of each sales opportunity that comes in through the web. In six months, Craig’s company drastically improved its operational efficiency and ability to turn insights from the internet into more income.

Craig Coogan

Lift and Transfer

After stopping by our booth at KBIS 2020, Louis was intrigued about the exact science the Showroom method™ employs for companies of all shapes and sizes. He is one of our newest clients but feels quite confident with the advancements that have been put into his business development pipeline. He averages one inquiry per day from the web and is expecting a break even on his marketing investment within the first 60 days of going live.

Louis Roux


With almost two decades of success, Works by JD came to us to create clarity from their internal clutter. We needed to do a few website tweaks, enhance the way sales and marketing were tracking and communicating, and help change the culture of communication at the company to be more encouraging.

Our 90 day consulting stint brought a frustrated company back to feeling a bit more freedom in how they're doing business. High-tech and high-touch is how Works By JD rolls these days.

Jesse DeBenedictis

Works By JD

Case Studies For E-Tailers & B2B Sales Clients

As a brand new entity jumping into the eCommerce universe, the team at KBB was excited about the exact science we use to feed the "right bait to the right critter”. At the time of this writing, we have been live for two weeks with their Google Ad campaign and have been able to study every move from web visitors who made it to their site. Their website design and tracking are top-notch and we're excited to update this case study soon.

"We got 65% more phone calls month-over-month in the first 90 days and our AdWords click-through rate tripled, giving us true measurability of our marketing’s ROI for the first time ever. In just a few months, this team has become our go-to advisor for all things online marketing and business development at large."

Jordan Shapiro

San Diego Office & Modular Design

After using a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that included search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and Google AdWords, Unique Surety turned to our team. Unique Surety needed help with expanding their national footprint to acquire more ‘right-angle’ clientele who wanted to save money on their bonds, get a rapid response, and work with acclaimed experts in the surety-bonding process, especially with site improvement and site performance bonds.

"After experiencing less than ‘fruitful’ results with several other online marketing agencies, I turned to John and Austin to help our company enhance our national outreach after receiving one of their innovative game-board creations. Although we haven't quite reached my lofty goal of getting 10 qualified leads per day picking up the phone or filling out a form online, I am quite satisfied with how knowledgeable and transparent these guys are when they update me on how things are going or what they'll be doing to improve the results we're getting with our Google Ads and our email outreach program."

Bob Goldstein

Unique Surety Bonds

As an e-commerce website catering to the expanding online home decor market, Timeless Wrought Iron has carved out a market share percentage, tracked each and every result, made more profit from each sale, and "upped" their customer service and retargeting marketing messages in ways they never thought possible. Ryan, founder of Timeless Wrought Iron, also has two other fully functional and profitable businesses that operate through the internet. He often leans on our team to ask questions about how to innovate his messaging to ensure that it resonates with more people and turns more profits.

Ryan Hanson

Timeless Wrought Iron

After learning about our team from Nick at, Janet, Director of Marketing at Goodson was first impressed by Austin's analytics intelligence video. He showed Goodson, where they were wasting their current advertising spend, identified rookie mistakes in their Google Ad campaign and Google Analytics accounts, and also pinpointed more opportunities to grow sales and market share. Stay tuned for more results from Goodson!

Janet Tapp

Marketing Manager
Goodson, Inc.

With a burning desire to bring order to peoples’ homes and workspaces, Diana Walters, founder of We Organize It, wanted to reach more people through the internet. She has harmoniously blended her scientific side with an ever-expanding artistic side as she begins her second decade in business in the Washington D.C. area.

"John, Austin, and the team have helped me scale my business tremendously. With a background in corporate compliance, but a burning passion to help people get their homes and working spaces more efficient and systematized, I engaged this team to work their magic so that I would get more form fill-outs and phone calls, plus have a better idea of what was happening once web visitors reached my website, which these fellows also did for me."

Diana Walters

We Organize It

In a highly-competitive and fast-paced marketplace like New York City, Krisp Events has managed to maximize every marketing dollar they have available to keep up with the big boys and girls in the industry. Krisp Events has been using call tracking, an attractive message that stands them out from the crowd, and insights on every web visitor to the fullest in order to book as many catered events as they can handle.

Jed Marris

Krisp Events

After selling his All-State Insurance practice, Scott Johnson started his own business, Your Move Simplified, and decided to align with the team at because we understand best-practice marketing strategy and how to leverage video blogs and masterful imagery to get web visitors to fill out forms and pick up the phone to inquire. After scaling his growth systematically, Scott is 7 years into his entity and has never looked back.

"After receiving all kinds of accolades about my website, I am now loving the success I’m having with this company's proprietary system, the Method™."

Scott Johnson

Your Move Simplified

The initial conversations with Q-CAD centered around using search engine marketing (SEM) strategies such as Google Ads, on-page search engine optimization, and overseeing their content creation efforts. However, the data collected during the earlier stages of our working relationship indicated that web design enhancements would be necessary to convert more visitors into sales opportunities. At this time, Q-CAD has been working with our team for several years. They currently receive at least one lead per day and reach a minimum ROI of 3:1 every month

Lisa Dorsey


After being taken advantage of by several marketing companies, John, president of BH4U knew that EMDL was different the minute he watched Austin's analytics intelligence video.

Since 2018, our team has rebuilt their website and implemented an outbound marketing program consisting of phone calls, emailing, and tracking results. As a result, BH4U has gotten much more mileage out of their marketing spend with Google ads and has also gained positive ground (and generated revenue) with several other initiatives.

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