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Speaking At The Manhattan Chapter For The National Kitchen Kitchen & Bath Association In October Of 2017 Was An Absolute Eye-Opener… Here’s 3 Reasons Why!
November 27, 2017
3 Eye-Opening Facts After Speaking AboutThe Artful Science Of -Winning- More Business Using The Internet (1)

How To Hire A Digital Marketing Expert (Or Agency) Who Has Return On Investment As Their #1 Priority!

More than ever, we are helping businesses of all shapes, sizes, and structures understand what is most important in the hiring process when they’re looking to give their marketing and business development campaigns – especially online – an upgrade or performance boost.

Because we’ve reached out to tens of thousands of companies throughout 2017 who likely bring something similar to market as what your company does, we are very aware about what is causing most of the hiccups with the hiring process.

Here are 3 top things to consider when you want a bump in revenue and rise in Return On Investment from your digital marketing initiatives.

#1 – What Does “Done” Or Even Progress Look Like Each Month?

…The best way to answer this is to know who will be communicating the results from the business development programming to key decision making makers at the company?

*If there are non-techies in the pipeline, the easier this data is to understand, the better 🙂


earn more do less

#2 – What Information Will Be Most Impactful To Bettering The Bottom-Line, And How Is This Information Being Segmented And Sorted Along The Way?

… If it is total sales brought in from the campaigns, then measuring, monitoring, adjusting and controlling all of the most important data-flowing in is very important.  Buyer beware: most digital marketing agencies are not very thorough in how they report results.  

*In fact, most don’t even provide actual attribution numbers on how A + B = more revenue and inquires.  So, being “in the know” versus being “in the dark” should be a top priority here.

Here is an article that was written about our team which shows how robust and easy to understand we make it for our clients each month to know exactly where they stand with the key metrics.  

# 3 – What Deliverables Will Be Used To Report The Results And Progress Each Month?

… After being in business with this entity for 5 years and working with all kinds of entities, we have a VERY strong grasp on what reports results the best, what communicates those results best, and what allows for everybody to be on the same page and working with the results effectively.  

The days of sending a client a PDF with a few cute pictures, charts and diagrams are over!

Fortunately for you, we use 3 deliverables to simplify this abstract process.

Our “No Lead Left Behind” Spreadsheet

We use a “No Lead Left Behind” spreadsheet to track every form fill-out, phone call, and location click (from Google AdWords only) that come from your website – regardless of where the browser initially began searching online (i.e., search engine, social, paid, etc.)


Here is a sample of our “No Lead Left Behind” spreadsheet.

Our Customized Marketing Results Reporting Video

We take all of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and put them into an easy to understand Digital Dashboard document, which is then followed up by a Monthly Marketing Results Reporting Video that is filmed by Austin Pike, our company’s director of online sales and marketing conversion.

Here is a sample of Austin’s Monthly Marketing Results Reporting Videos

Our Business Breakthrough Call

We have a 15-30 minute Clarity Call with all of our clients to review the notes being taken on their CRM-like spreadsheet, talk about their discoveries from Austin’s video, and to plan out the top action-steps for the next month of our working relationship.

In summary, be careful what you ask for when you are in the process of hiring a new digital marketing manager – whether it’s an in-house person or outside vendor.  To say that not all digital marketing managers are created equal would be a massive understatement.

If you’d like support on how to turn insights into income and yield a 3:1 return on investment with your business development initiatives each month, schedule a 15 Minute Business Breakthrough Call with our team and we’ll share 3-5 impact points that will cause a bump in your company’s goal-getting effectiveness within 2-3 months guaranteed.

To higher profits and beyond you go,

John G

John Gosselin

CEO | Web Conversion Specialist

EarnMoreDoLess.com | (781) 780-2110

P.S. – If you want to ramp up results and trim time, be like Karl Ivester 🙂


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